Welcome to St Lucy’s where students shine as they are.

St Lucy’s is a school for students with disabilities – it is a joyful school where students are safe, happy and have opportunities to fulfil their potential. We are an independent Catholic Dominican school – with Veritas, or truth, as our core value nurturing mind, body and spirit.  We strongly believe children are made in the image of God, each unique and loved unconditionally.

We seek to prepare each student for their educational journey as well as life beyond school.  The curriculum, our educators, our volunteers and certainly our parents all work together to bring out the best in these very special people.

St Lucy’s adopts a Reggio philosophy of education so we create a rich variety of learning opportunities in class and beyond in our engaging campus to develop the whole child.  Students discover their ‘voice’ with hands on experiences in class, therapy and creative arts programs.  Explicit teaching methods are also employed for teaching aspects of Communication, Literacy and Numeracy.

Our state of the art facilities include: a large, imaginative and challenging playground, a Creative Arts Centre including studios with the latest in sound technology, an indoor gym, a ball court and classrooms with the latest learning technologies – all designed to fully equip our students and encourage social interaction.

The school aims for the students, expressed in our school rules and modelled by staff, are:
Be safe (learn safe behaviours)
Be kind (actively care for self and others)
Be your best (shine as you are according to your ability and strengths)

As a school and as a community we are passionate about our three vital aims:

  1. Partnerships between parents and staff
  2. Pastoral support for parents and students
  3. Educating the wider community in all matters of disability

These all combine to build upon the joy and light that lives in all our students.

It’s an extraordinary thing to behold and we are fortunate to see students shine brighter with each day.  So come along to St Lucy’s and see the possibilities here for your child to shine as they are.

David Raphael