Please donate to help our students be ready for life after school, feel empowered and be part of the community

St Lucy’s students aspire to be thriving young people with the skills to live independently. The exciting new facilities planned for our upcoming Veritas Centre refurbishment, will provide students with essential learning spaces to prepare them for a life with purpose beyond school.

When Maggie was reaching the end of primary school, St Lucy’s announced that they would be opening a high school. This came as a great relief to her mum, Shanan…

“At that point high school options for Maggie were minimal and I felt those settings wouldn’t drive Maggie’s development or give her the opportunities she has had at St Lucy’s. When I heard the announcement, I shouted ‘YES’ so loudly, that onlookers must have thought I had won the lottery! Well, I felt like I had”. Shanan, Maggie’s mum

The St Lucy’s High School Life Skills Program is supporting students like Maggie to learn important skills and to become as independent as possible in all aspects of daily life.

“The growth that I have seen in Maggie’s strengths and interests, from personal care skills to friendship building, is phenomenal.  St Lucy’s staff see each individual young person’s potential and strengths, and work hard to encourage and harness them for life-long skills.” Shanan, Maggie’s mum

At St Lucy’s, we want students to have all that they need to participate fully in a dynamic and meaningful curriculum. The new Veritas Centre facilities that we are planning will create many opportunities for our young people to discover what they are passionate about. The new specialist facilities include a kitchen and dining room to teach hospitality and important life skills to provide students like Maggie with what they need to participate in exciting new areas of the curriculum, and to build confidence for their life after school.  

The aim of our 2023 Tax Appeal is to raise funds to establish a range of new facilities   which will be essential learning spaces for our young people including:

  • Vocational Education and Training (VET) Kitchen
  • New Student First Aid Clinic
  • Student Gym
  • Residential Life Skills Room
  • High School Specialist Elective Room
  • Library Refurbishment

‘Maggie absolutely loves her weekly job of delivering uniforms to classrooms across the school and she is always eager to greet the staff and peers in each classroom using Proloquo2Go. Over the past 2 years Maggie has shown increased independence when completing this job and she now uses a map to find each classroom on her delivery list. Maggie’s excellent work ethic is evident in her positive attitude and willingness to learn new skills all the time.’
Kirstin Willis, Teacher

With the new facilities, St Lucy’s secondary students will have the resources they need to develop skills which are meaningful and fulfilling.  Facilities that promote good health, workplace skills and knowledge, artistic pursuits, self-care, daily life skills and more.

“By offering a well-rounded education, innovative teaching and learning, and a rich curriculum augmented by excellent learning spaces, St Lucy’s is preparing and inspiring students for an exciting future.” David Raphael, Principal

Maggie will be one of the first students to have journeyed from Kindergarten right through to Year 12 at St Lucy’s. In the years that Maggie has been at school, St Lucy’s has grown and developed into a leading special education setting.

Through ambitious fundraising for major builds, we are on the path to realising our vision for St Lucy’s and we have more to do to make education for our students the very best that it can be.

With the support of donors, like you, we can make great things happen for our students.

“I have every confidence that Maggie will be as prepared as she can be to enter the world. St Lucy’s School has allowed Maggie to blossom into an exceptional young woman, developing her own unique pathway of success. I am forever grateful.” Shanan, Maggie’s mum

To provide these new facilities, which Maggie and her peers deserve, St Lucy’s is asking for your help with these much needed refurbishments that will be tailored to our students’ needs. This will help our students be ready for life after school, feel empowered and be part of the community which is why we ask you to please give today.