We value the warmth of our community relationships and recognise that these relationships enrich the teaching and learning opportunities for our amazing students.  Our students, parents, staff, volunteers, and the broader community all contribute to our school’s purpose in diverse and generous ways.

St Lucy’s is proud to be recognised as a unique and wonderful learning environment with a loving, caring, nurturing atmosphere where lives are transformed. You can help us make extraordinary experiences possible for our amazing children by helping us to provide services and programs that tuition fees alone can’t cover.

Our children need intensive literacy, numeracy, and social skills programs as well as occupational and speech therapy. At St Lucy’s, we view each child individually in order to unlock their unique potential and to encourage them to become independent, flourish and participate fully in society.

We offer our children intensive, technology-supported instruction, experience in the creative arts and a community life that fosters friendships and is full of joy.

St Lucy’s has a proud history of giving and innovation. From the time the Dominican sisters founded St Lucy’s in 1938, the school has fostered a generosity of spirit and love that has inspired many to donate, to enable as many disabled children as possible to enjoy the opportunities the school provides. Without this history of extraordinary giving St Lucy’s would not have the wonderful facilities and the inspirational quality of teaching and learning that enriches our students today. This tradition of giving has been a wonderful reflection of the School community for which we are most grateful.

Please Support Us

Philanthropy is an integral part of St Lucy’s culture. Everything we enjoy today is the result of the foresight and generosity of previous generations.

We rely on philanthropy to enable us to deliver St Lucy’s unique educational experience to all children who will benefit from an education at St Lucy’s.

Please join our proud tradition of giving and help to ensure a secure future for St Lucy’s.

The benchmark at St Lucy’s is high:

  • St Lucy’s is proud to be amongst the leaders in academic and holistic teaching of children with intellectual disabilities.
  • A caring and supportive culture
  • Technological innovation
  • Superb facilities
  • The belief that every child can reach their full potential

None of this can be achieved by fees alone. We are grateful for the financial support that St Lucy’s receives from Parents and the wider community.

St Lucy’s is a registered charity and we treasure the support we receive from all our donors. All donations are tax deductible and we put every dollar directly to use, thus maximizing the impact of your gift.

See our Ways of Giving and Volunteering pages for more information about giving financially, or providing support by volunteering.