celebrating a culture of philanthropy

Annual Giving/ Christmas Appeal

Every year we ask the community for support through the Annual Giving and or Christmas Appeal programme.

We are heartened by the growing number of parents and members of the wider community who are philanthropically investing in St Lucy’s and embracing our vision of transforming the lives of our amazing children.

Our Annual Giving program recognizes the power of collective giving – that many people coming together and giving modestly, can make a significant difference

Bursaries Fund

Your donation to the Bursaries Fund will support a growing number of children who wouldn’t be at St Lucy’s if it wasn’t for the generosity and kindness of donors.

Jack Betteridge Scholarship Fund

Become part of the Jack Betteridge Scholarship Fund by donating to help us continue to provide assurance that children in extreme situations will receive the exceptional help they need.


A bequest is a gift specified in your will which provides a way for you to make an enduring gift while still enjoying your assets during your lifetime. Remembering St Lucy’s in your Will is the ultimate gift; a very tangible and meaningful way of contributing towards the legacy and security of the school which will benefit St Lucy’s children for decades to come. Bequests of all sizes are treasured and will make a positive difference.

Read more about making a bequest.

Memorial Gift

In recent years there has been an increase in the number of people who request that in-lieu of flowers at their funeral, family and friends make a donation to St Lucy’s. These ‘Memorial Gifts’ are a lasting way of remembering the deceased and a positive way of demonstrating our belief that through death comes renewal.

All these gifts help St Lucy’s to raise funds for ongoing development and progress.

For further information or to discuss how you can help the girls and College please contact Diana Morison, Community and Development Manager.

Business Sponsorship

St Lucy’s welcome business sponsorship. If your business would like to support St Lucy’s please contact Mrs Diana Morison in the Development Office, details below.

One of the strengths of St Lucy’s is its strong sense of community. Many parents and volunteers develop friendships that last a lifetime as a result of their involvement with the school.

Community Engagement Programme at St Lucy’s

Volunteers – Community involvement is an important and highly valued feature of life at St Lucy’s. Volunteering provides a marvellous opportunity for the wider community to also contribute to St Lucy’s and help ensure that the unique experience which St Lucy’s can offer to children with disabilities is enhanced.  Without our fabulous volunteers, across a diverse range of activities, St Lucy’s would not enjoy such a special community atmosphere.

Faith makes all things possible
Hope makes all things work
Love makes all things beautiful