Week Without Words

Week Without Words (WWW) campaign is our annual fundraising and awareness campaign to give St Lucy’s students the tools they need to communicate. 95% of our children have a communication disability. They need speech therapy, electronic devices that can ‘speak’ for them and training in how to use them.

The aim of our Week Without Words campaign is to raise awareness for those who live with a communication disability in our community and to raise the much needed funds to pay for communication devices that enable our children to have a voice.

Money raised in 2018 will help us give every verbally impaired child at St Lucy’s an effective communication system.



“Its such a joy and comfort to us to know that we are in such a supportive community at St Lucy’s.  Both of our children have challenges in their communication but we know that they love school from the eagerness to get there in the mornings and the big smiles they come home with at the end of the day.” Alison and Sean Tobin


“Toby was non-verbal when he started in St Lucy’s six years ago, so the school’s speech therapist recommended proloquo2go. She did a wonderful job setting it up for us on his iPad and supported Toby’s use of the app.  Six years later and Toby is speaking more. More importantly he knows that if there is any communication breakdown he can pick up his iPad, go to prolquo2go and convey his message to us.” Audrey Yim, Toby’s mother










“Running a hospitality business and being unable to communicate is really tough considering the way we communicate is through speaking. I managed around 15 staff the day I went silent for St Lucy’s.

“For every $1000 I raised, I shut up for another hour! We try and raise as much money as we can, so it pays me to be quiet! Phil Barbara, Owner Avenue on Chifley