Every Child Deserves to be Heard


“It’s such a joy and comfort to us to know that we are in such a supportive community at St Lucy’s. Both of our children have challenges in their communication but we know that they love school from the eagerness to get there in the mornings and the big smiles they come home with at the end of the day.”
Alison and Sean Tobin


“Toby was non-verbal when he started in St Lucy’s six years ago, so the school’s speech therapist recommended proloquo2go. She did a wonderful job setting it up for us on his iPad and supported Toby’s use of the app. Six years later and Toby is speaking more. More importantly he knows that if there is any communication breakdown he can pick up his iPad, go to prolquo2go and convey his message to us.”
Audrey Yim, Toby’s mother


My son Alex is a nonverbal child and started school at St Lucy’s without a communication system. With the assistance and support of his teacher and the schools speech therapist Alex was introduced and began to use the app prolo2go. In his short time using the app Alex is now learning to communicate and can build basic 2 and 3 word sentences.

The grin on Alex’s face when he makes a request on the app which is then granted brings all of us joy and I can see that he is proud of himself too. In addition, Alex is also learning and can now use some key words signs. Alex has gone from no communication system to having systems in place to have a voice and importantly be heard.

I am grateful and look forward to continuing to work with the wonderful staff at St Lucy’s and set Alex up with a communication system he can use for life.
Deborah Ianchelllo, Alex Crowley’s mum


Ruby is non verbal and has been at St Lucy’s for 18 months. In this time with the help of her teachers and speech therapist Ruby has learnt how to use Proloquo2go (PL2G) on her iPad and uses it consistently in class to help her communicate her needs and to be able to communicate with her teachers and friends. She loves using it to present her weekly “news” items.

More importantly for us, the fact that Ruby is able to communicate using her PL2G in the wider community means she is able to fully engage with others – recently we experienced a beautiful exchange between Ruby and a waitress at a local café where Ruby was able to order a chocolate brownie and drink – she did this all by herself and the waitress was amazed how well Ruby was able to voice her needs via the PL2G.

In addition to using the PL2G Ruby also uses Key Word Signing to express her “core” needs. Ruby loves learning new Key Word Sign words each week and it is great that all the staff at St Lucy’s are able to communicate in this way with her as well. Ruby loves engaging in this way and always does it with a smile on her face. Thank you to all at St Lucy’s for helping to give Ruby a voice.
Michelle Bittle, Ruby’s mum