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Kindergarten for Students with Special Needs

Welcome to St. Lucy’s School, an exceptional institution providing an inclusive and supportive environment for kindergarten students, including those with special needs. We are dedicated to offering a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet the unique requirements of children on the autism spectrum and those with diverse learning needs. Our specialised kindergarten programs emphasise inclusivity, special education, sensory support, speech and language therapy, social skills development, and individualised behavioural support.

Inclusive Kindergarten for Special Needs

At St. Lucy’s, we believe in the power of inclusion. Our inclusive kindergarten program warmly welcomes children with special needs, fostering an environment where all students can learn, grow, and thrive together. We celebrate diversity and recognize the value of every child’s unique abilities and talents.

Kindergarten for Autism Spectrum Children

Our kindergarten program is designed to cater specifically to children on the autism spectrum. We offer a supportive and nurturing learning environment that focuses on addressing the specific challenges and strengths of each child. Our highly trained staff utilises evidence-based strategies and interventions to create an autism-friendly setting where students can reach their full potential.

Special Education Kindergarten Programs

St. Lucy’s is renowned for its specialised special education kindergarten programs. Our experienced educators are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to provide individualised instruction and support to children with diverse learning needs. We prioritise the academic, social, emotional, and physical development of each student to ensure they receive the best possible education. While St Lucy’s follows the NESA (NSW Education Standards Authority) curriculum, we thoughtfully design teaching and learning experiences to address the diverse learning needs of our students at this crucial stage of their education journey.

Kindergarten with Sensory Support

Sensory support is an integral part of our kindergarten program. We recognize the importance of addressing sensory sensitivities and challenges to enhance learning and engagement. Our classrooms are designed to accommodate different sensory needs, and our staff is trained to implement sensory strategies and techniques that support children in regulating their sensory experiences.

Adaptive Learning Environment for Special Needs Kindergarten

Our adaptive learning environment is tailored to meet the diverse needs of children in our special needs kindergarten. We employ individualised approaches, adaptive technologies, and specialised resources to ensure that every child receives the support necessary to excel academically and personally.

How does St Lucy’s Balance our classes to get the best out of Students

Selecting students based on their needs and the balance of the class is an important aspect of creating a successful learning environment at St Lucy’s. It is important that we take into consideration the unique learning needs of each student, as well as the overall balance of the class in terms of ability levels, personalities, and interests. 

Ensuring that the class is balanced and diverse can help promote inclusivity and improve the overall learning experience for all students. Additionally, selecting students based on their specific needs can help provide more personalised attention and support, ultimately resulting in better academic outcomes. For this reason we have an extensive process at St Lucy’s and we not only take into consideration the needs of your child but also the needs of the year group, when considering enrolment.

Kindergarten with Behavioral Support for Special Needs Children

Behavioural support is an integral component of our kindergarten program for special needs children. Our team of trained professionals works closely with students, using positive behaviour support strategies, individual behaviour plans, and social-emotional learning techniques to address challenging behaviours, foster self-regulation, and promote a positive and inclusive classroom environment.

Enrol your child in St. Lucy’s School’s kindergarten program today, where we celebrate diversity!