St Lucy's School

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Satellite Class Program

St Lucy’s offers satellite classes on the Upper North Shore and Northern Beaches for students to participate in specialised educational program within their classroom, and benefit from all the social opportunities that a mainstream campus can offer.

Our satellite classes are offered across Kindergarten to Year 4 over 3 campuses, all of which are Catholic Primary Schools. They are:

St Lucy’s Satellite Classes at Santa Sabina College, Strathfield
Kindergarten (Early Stage 1)
Years 1 (Stage 1)

St Lucy’s Satellite Classes at St Joseph’s Primary School, Narrabeen
Kindergarten (Early Stage 1)
Years 1/2 Composite Class (Stage 1)

St Lucy’s Satellite Class at St John’s Primary School, Narraweena
Years 3/4 Composite Class (Stage 2)

St Lucy’s Satellite Classes at Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School, Pymble
Years 1/2 Composite Class (Stage 1)
Years 3/4 Composite Class (Stage 2)

Our satellite host schools provide opportunities for St Lucy’s students to extend their social and independence skills with their mainstream peers. St Lucy’s students participate in host school events including carnivals, incursions, gala days, special liturgies, concerts and more.

Satellite students participate in the NESA curriculum at their level while working towards a transition into a new setting. Teachers work closely with parents to set goals for each student so that their transition to a new setting, whether it be to a mainstream program, the Wahroonga campus or another St Lucy’s satellite class, is smooth, successful, and well timed.

St Lucy’s students who are enrolled in our satellite classes are also connected to our main campus and visit regularly to participate in swimming, to use the Angelico Centre for Creative Arts, and for special occasions like feast days, liturgies, concerts, carnivals and more.

St Lucy’s satellite class staff work in collaboration with the BEST Team which includes occupational therapists, speech pathologists, and behaviour specialists and a School Psychologist/School Counsellor to ensure that our students get the most from what the curriculum and their school life offers them.

St Lucy’s satellite classes provide a unique opportunity for students to experience the best of both worlds as they combine the benefits of a specialised education with the experience of mainstream school life.