St Lucy’s School began in 1938 when the Dominican Sisters responded to the request of the Catholic Church to establish a school for children who were blind, just as they had previously for children who were deaf. Originally located at Homebush (1938), the school was created under the patronage of St Lucy, the traditional protectress of the blind. In 1959, the school transferred to Wahroonga adjacent to the Dominican Convent and Prouille School, also established by the Dominican Sisters.

Over the years the direction of St Lucy’s has moved from the education of blind children to encompass students with a range of disabilities. At the same time, the school has more than doubled in numbers and has been physically transformed by the development of the playground and the addition of specialist facilities designed by Alec Tzannes and Associates.

St Lucy’s now offers an educational approach based on the Reggio Emilia philosophy with a focus on the creative arts and a commitment to realising our belief that all children are made in the image of God.

Our goal is to be a school of joy and beauty that all children wish they could attend. That is our vision of equality.

St Lucy’s Principals

1938-1940 Sr M Stanislaus McCosker (Founding Prioress)
1941-1946 Sr M Marlina Carrigan (Directress of Studies)
1947-1956 Sr M Magdalene Christie (Directress of Studies)
1957 Sr M St Mark Marshall (Directress of Studies)
1958 Sr M Madeleine Egan (Directress of Studies)
1960-1963 Sr M Annunciata Marshall (Principal)
1964-1967 Sr Margaret Short (Principal)
1967 Sr Judith Catlan (Acting Principal)
1968-1973 Sr Margaret Short (Principal)
1974-1977 Sr Marie O’Regan (Principal)
1978-1979 Sr Margaret Short (Principal)
1980-1982 Sr Valerie Grimson (Principal)
1983-1986 Sr Louise Welbourne (Principal)
1986-1993 Ms Marilyn Jones (Principal)
1994-2002 Mrs Kathleen Freeman (Principal)
2003-2012 Mrs Jo Karaolis (Principal)
2013- 2015 Dr Georgina Reynhout (Principal)
2016 Mr Warren Hopley (Principal)
2017-Current Mr David Raphael (Principal)