St Lucy's School

A community enriched by difference

A Community Approach to Learning

At St Lucy’s we view education as a collaborative undertaking. St Lucy’s has a social learning model. Students learn within a group, learning from and with one another and from and with staff. St Lucy’s also provides opportunities for individual teaching and learning in the classroom with generous staffing ratios. We provide extra services to our parents, including:

  • Bi-annual meetings to develop individual goals for students which form the priority for their learning. Progress on these goals is monitored through careful and detailed assessment and is reported twice yearly in school reports.
  • A Family Support Worker – who specialises in providing much needed resources, advice to parents and support in finding appropriate services. The family support worker also supports families with the NDIS process.
  • Workshops for parents and the wider community
  • Support through our Wellbeing and Welfare Teams and OASIS group
  • Parents Community Facebook page – a supporting community for parents to engage and socialise with other parents.
“The highlight of St Lucy’s is the feeling of community and belonging as well as the overall progress our child has made.”


St Lucy’s Future Bound Video