St Lucy's School

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St Lucy’s is a special primary school and high school for children with disabilities located in Wahroonga on Sydney’s North Shore. We specialize in a wide range of disabilities including mild to severe intellectual disability, autism and sensory impairments.

St Lucy’s keeps it fees low to assist our parents. While support is provided by the Australian and NSW governments, we must raise the majority of our funds through corporate or individual donations and fundraising.

Our students require assisted programs and technology resources to access the school curriculum, and to keep providing these into the future we need your help.

St Lucy’s is a registered charity and all donations are tax deductible.

Joey’s Story

“Some may say Joey has been a little unlucky in life – a malignant brain cancer at 18 months has had its consequences – a severe intellectual disability, hearing and vision impairment, severe language delay, an autism diagnosis and frequent ‘behaviours of concern’ that are often a hallmark of brain injury.”

– Maree, Joey’s mum


You can imagine the fear that Joey’s parents would have felt for their son’s future. When it came time, Joey’s parents needed to find a school that would work to support Joey through each challenge and to make his education a successful and rich journey.

“I remember when we started at St Lucy’s and Joey’s teachers were immediately interested in how to help him to communicate, to make friends and to make connections with his world. While Joey’s differences had shaped his life, his far greater luck was found having a place at St Lucy’s and we felt hope.”

– Maree, Joey’s mum

Joey has achieved a great deal at school. His teachers have worked closely with him since his first year to develop communication and social skills so that he is able to feel connected and understood. Joey’s independence skills have also developed. His love for music and singing has been fostered. He has peers and he is engaged in learning skills for his future.

“Each period of Joey’s development has come with challenges and it has been a lifeline to know that St Lucy’s are prepared to deal with the ups and downs. When Joey’s behaviour is more challenging, when he is frustrated or stressed or even sick, it is hard to see him struggle and that is when we need the most support.”

– Maree, Joey’s mum

Educational programs and support systems for students like Joey can be complex and are highly individualised. During particularly strained circumstances, which we have seen this year, St Lucy’s staff have had to go beyond the classroom to ensure that our students like Joey can find their way through, to give them ways to adapt to new styles of learning and living.

“This year, during the COVID-19 crisis, Joey has had to adapt to changes to his school life, due to social distancing. His teachers did a wonderful job of helping him adapt as much as possible. As other providers had to suspend their service, St Lucy’s recognised the critical importance of not only continuing to deliver education with important adjustments, but even added on extra days to its holiday program and cooked and sent home meals.”

– Maree, Joey’s mum

St Lucy’s families are under additional strain almost all of the time. Due to having a child or children with disabilities, their social opportunities can be very limited. The time and energy they have to put into finding services that can help them is immense and all of this with a great deal of worry and fear for the future.

“At St Lucy’s we are able to support students and their families with a multitude of things including cognitive assessments, accessing external services and psychological support. In times of crisis though, it is essential that we recognise what the stressors are, what the families need and then step up to fill the gap.”

– Mimi Fraser, Psychologist

School Holidays can be particularly difficult periods for St Lucy’s families. The St Lucy’s Holiday Programs provide students with a chance to flex their artistic skills in the creative workshops, to socialise with their school peers, to feel connected and engaged in meaningful programs.

“The importance for social connection and belonging for Joey has never been so high”

– Maree, Joey’s mum

At St Lucy’s, we cannot do what we need to do for our students and their families without your support. When we step up for them, it is with faith that you too will step in and support our efforts, because these students are exceptional.

Joey's story