St Lucy's School

A community enriched by difference

Purpose-Built Facilities for Students with Disabilities

“My child is beginning to verbally communicate his needs at school. Learning how to ride a bike. Being comfortable in the swimming pool. Using a bit of proloquo to go.”


St Lucy’s expanded its facilities to include new buildings on our Wahroonga campus with 16 purpose-built primary school classrooms and 12 purpose-built high school classrooms. Each classroom includes both wet and dry areas and complementary learning spaces to further expand and enrich each student’s learning experience. Each classroom is fitted with enhanced digital technology and sound systems that link to cochlear implants, ensuring that all our students have equal learning opportunities.

Our outside and sports areas include a large, imaginative, and challenging playground, an indoor gym and a ball court. We also have a heated swimming pool for Physical Education and co-curricular swimming lessons.

All of our students enjoy the physical resources and technology at their fingertips to discover, extend and explore their talents.