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School Fees

2024 School Fees
St Lucy’s are committed to supporting our parents the best way we can and therefore keep our fees as low as possible. The annual school fees inclusive of stationery costs are:

Primary School K-6

High School 7-8 

High School 9-10 

  • Food Technology elective fee $250 per year.
  • Other electives may also incur a fee.

High School 11-12 

  • VET subjects are likely to incur additional fees. Parents will be advised of the relevant costs prior to selection

Other Costs

As well as the school fees there are some extra educational costs that parents are asked to meet, including uniforms, excursion and camp costs for which your permission will be sought.

Students participating in interschool sporting competitions and in after school classes will meet these costs separately.

Payment Arrangement

From 2023 parents will pay St Lucy’s School Fees through the St Lucy’s Parent Lounge. Annual Fees will be charged in the second week of January. Through the Parent Lounge parents will be able to either pay up front or pay via weekly, fortnightly or monthly instalments, with all payments paid by 30 November 2024. A 3% discount will be applied if Annual School Fees are paid up-front by 29 February 2024.

School Fees will be able to be paid direct debit from either a bank account or credit card. Premium and International Credit Cards will be charged banking fees.

Sibling Discount

We provide a discount on school fees for those families with more than one child at St Lucy’s simultaneously

• Second child – 20%

• Third Child – 30%

• Fourth Child or Subsequent Children – 40%

Withdrawal of Student

  • If parents wish to withdraw a Student from the School, notice given must not be less than one full term’s notice to expire at the end of the term.
  • If the required notice of withdrawal of a Student is not given and the School is not reasonably able to immediately fill the student’s place for the relevant term the Parents must pay a School term’s fees plus GST.
  • If the School does not give at least one term’s notice of an increase in fees payable by the Parent/Carer, the Parent/Carer may withdraw the Student from the end of the term in which the notice of the Fee increase was given provided the notice of withdrawal is given to the School within 30 days of the date on which the notice of the Fee increase was given.

Hardship and Bursary Assistance

We offer Bursary Assistance for those who need it. If you require assistance please contact our Business Manager, Mrs Caroline Fowler at


Parents are reminded that St Lucy’s School fees are kept artificially low to ensure that parents on low incomes are not prevented from having their child attend. The result is a large operating deficit which St Lucy’s fills by asking for donations. We encourage parents who are able to pay more, to do so via a donation accompanying the fees. Donations are tax deductible.

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