St Lucy's School

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Our Specialist Team


David Raphael

David holds a Bachelor of Arts with the Diploma of Education, Master of Letters, Masters of Educational Administration, Management Certificate and Coaching Certificate. He has had 18 years of experience being a Principal of both mainstream and special needs schools. David has been the Principal of St Lucy’s for over 4 years.
“I simply love seeing the progress and happy smiles of achievement amongst the students as they learn with the help of our amazing staff here.”

Susan Jones

Deputy Principal
Susan holds a Bachelor of Education and a Master of Special Education. She has over 25 years experience in the disability sector. She has specialist knowledge in education of students with disabilities through positive behaviour techniques. She has been the Deputy Principal at St Lucy’s for over 9 years.
“At St Lucy’s we are not about moulding the students to something they are not. We think they are perfect just as they are. We just want to build on what they have to offer and the gifts that they have”

Caroline Fowler

Business Manager
Caroline holds a Bachelor degree in Accounting and Business/Management and has worked in a range of industries. Caroline has worked for St Lucy’s School for the over 6 years and is responsible for the Development Office including school finances, HR and fundraising
“In my role I really get to make a difference in the students lives by developing the facilities for our amazing education, and seeing the smiles on the students faces makes it all worthwhile.”

Kerrie Dietz

Enrolments Manager

Kerrie has been part of the St Lucy’s community since 2014 and was appointed as Enrolments Manager in 2022. She has lived experience with a child who attended the school for 7 years. Kerrie has been an active volunteer in the reading and maths program for many years as well as President of the P&F. Prior to St Lucy’s, Kerrie’s career included recruitment, facilities management and administration roles.

Elizabeth Webster

Head of Mission & Identity

Elizabeth holds a Bachelor of Education (Humanities), Certificate in Religious Education, Diploma in Theology, MA, and a Master’s in Educational leadership. She is currently completing the Arete Foundations of Missionary Leadership course.

She has over 20 years of experience in teaching all senior levels of English and Religious Education and has been afforded a range of leadership opportunities in the areas of faith, curriculum, and mission.

Elizabeth is passionate about student advocacy and empowerment, and loves creating inclusive sacred spaces, where all feel welcome.

‘What I love about St Lucy’s is that every day, I can see the values of joy, community, courage, and truth in action. The culture is intrinsically inclusive, and the values are tangible. I am in awe of the way staff work together to create a truly positive learning atmosphere, which focuses primarily on students’ strengths and abilities. I feel truly blessed and privileged to work in a school which prioritises individual progress and has such strong ties with the community.’

Alessandra Picone

Head of Creative Arts
Alessandra holds a Diploma of Acting (Theatre). She leads a professional artists , who teach Visual and Performance Arts to all St Lucy’s Students, Ali also teaches St Lucy’s drama program. Ali has been at St Lucy’s since 2006.
“When the students do something for the first time, say something for the first time or take on a character for the first time, it is in those moments you really see their lights shine.”

Lauren Yuile

Speech Pathologist

Lauren joined the St Lucy’s team in July 2022. She has experience supporting children and teenagers in range of areas/develop a range of skills including using language, understanding language, using a range augmentative or alternative communication (AAC) such as Proloquo2Go, LAMP Words for Life or PECS, reading, writing and using a range of social skills. She has a particular interest in supporting complex communicators and supporting AAC users, and also completed an honours project in this area. This project was titled “Valuing relationships: The impact of a sensory program on the interactions of adolescents with sever-to-profound intellectual disabilities” which was published in the Journal of Intellectual Disabilities. As a part of this research, Lauren also helped develop the therapy program  “SensEngage”. Lauren believes that everyone can communicate and is passionate about helping students get their message across to others.

Allanah Riches

Occupational Therapist
Allanah joined St Lucy’s in August 2018. She is an enthusiastic Occupational Therapist with a drive to support achievement of learning and developmental goals for every child. Allanah has transitioned from a private paediatric clinic where she worked closely alongside children, their families and teachers to support meaningful intervention. Allanah also has past experience working within the Occupational Rehabilitation industry, providing a comprehensive range of rehabilitation and injury management, as well as injury prevention services. Moving forward, Allanah now strives to provide motivating and positive therapy outcomes for students, teachers and their classrooms at St Lucy’s.
“Every day I spend at St Lucy’s is exciting. Through a collaborative approach, with teaching teams and families, our community optimises and nurtures every opportunity to develop the skills and experiences of our students.”

Kirstin Willis

Head of Curriculum and Pedagogy Years 7-12 VET and Workplace Coordinator

Kirstin holds a Diploma in Education (Primary) and a Masters of Special Education. She began her career in mainstream education before joining St Lucy’s in 2015 in the Primary school as a casual teacher. In 2016 she moved to a part time role before joining in a full-time capacity in 2017. In 2021, Kirstin moved across to the high school to deliver the Vocational Educational Training courses.

I always assume competence; each young person has different talents and skills, and it is my duty as an educator to support them in developing these and preparing them for post school life and in becoming valued and active members of their communities.

Lisa Grimmond

Head of Curriculum and Pedagogy K-6 I Satellite Classes Facilitator - Reading Program Co-ordinator

Lisa holds a Diploma of Primary Education and a Bachelor of Special Education. She has over 28 years of experience educating students with disabilities. Lisa has dedicated 25 years of her career to St Lucy’s School, first classroom teaching and then specialising in specific areas of special education. She has specialist knowledge in educating students in both reading and mathematics. Lisa has been co-ordinating the Reading Program for 15 years and lead the development of our Mathematics with Meaning Program.  Lisa was the founding teacher for one of our Satellite classes and is now facilitator for all 5 Satellite classes. Lisa is currently Head of Curriculum and Pedagogy K-6 and works closely with the Deputy and Stage Learning Facilitators, innovating and adjusting the NSW Curriculum for our young learners. 

“Lisa believes that the true teachers at St Lucy’s are our students who, every day, show us what they know and guide us to what they need to know next. Lisa believes every student should rightfully participate in the NSW Curriculum. Lisa sees every student as a reader, writer and mathematician and delights in finding ways to access and teach these skills to our students. Lisa’s greatest joy is in seeing the students unfold and mature over the course of their education at St Lucy’s and become their true selves, having engaged deeply in purposeful learning , as well as discovering the joy of community and lifelong friendship.”