St Lucy's School

A community enriched by difference

Quality Teaching

Quality teaching and learning is key to bring out the best in our students.

We employ multi-skilled and innovative teachers who are passionate about teaching children with special needs. Our teaching staff have years of experience and training, and specialise in educating children with a wide range of disabilities. This includes mild to severe intellectual disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorder, physical disabilities and other sensory impairments. Staff are also expert in Positive Behaviour and different forms of communication support.

Our teachers live by our values in the classroom everyday:

- Embracing Joy – our teachers make learning fun, embracing different interactive teaching methods, to bring the best in students

- Fostering community – we believe the best student outcomes come from open communication between teachers and families. St Lucy’s families are integral members of our school community and together we can work towards our student’s goals.

- Courage - we encourage growth in both our teachers and students by trying new things. Learning comes from experimentation and this is encouraged both within and outside of the classroom.

- Truth – listening, talking, experimenting, and drawing conclusions in the pursuit of answers are all encouraged at St Lucy’s.

We live Joy, foster Community, act with Courage, pursue the Truth

Where to start! Our child has thrived as a result of his teachers. They know him and how he learns, and this is a standout for us”