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About St Lucy’s High School

In 2019, St Lucy’s expanded their offering to include secondary education, commencing with two year 7 classes. Each year the founding classes continue on, and by 2024 St Lucy’s will have moved to a complete year 7-12 offering.

St Lucy’s High School continues best practice and holistic education into the secondary years, including: 

  • Stage 4 (Year 7 and 8) – students undertake the NESA mandatory curriculum requirements (English, Mathematics, Science, HSIE (History and Geography) Technology Mandatory, Physical Education, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE), Creative Arts (Music and Visual Arts) and Languages (Italian). Music is undertaken in Year 7 and Visual Arts and Italian in Year 8.
  • Stage 5 and 6 (Years 9 -12) – Students study a Life Skills Curriculum developed by NESA, with the inclusion of electives including Vocational Education and Training options. Students begin work experience in Year 9.
  • In keeping with our Catholic tradition, students also study Religious Education during Years 7 – 12.

Through the secondary years, students will increasingly undertake their learning in the community with a focus on increasing their independence, preparation for work (where appropriate) and recreational options and development of hobbies.  The Life Skills Curriculum is designed in such a way that students only have to study ‘some’ of the designated outcomes and content from a particular course, allowing for a high level of differentiation to meet the individual needs of students.

In recognition that all students are entitled to participate in and progress through the curriculum, NESA provides Years 7–10 courses based on Life Skills outcomes and content, and Years 11–12 Life Skills courses.  These provide options for students with special education needs who cannot access the regular course outcomes, particularly for students with an intellectual disability. The Life Skills Curriculum is designed in such a way that students only have to study ‘some’ of the designated outcomes and content from a particular course.

Students completing Year 12 at St Lucy’s will be eligible for a Higher School Certificate. They will not be awarded an ATAR. Students who leave after Year 10 but before Year 12 will be eligible for the Record of Student Achievement.

St Lucy’s High School offers:

  • Student support through quality high school teaching and learning and integrated therapy services
  • Small classes allowing more small group and one on one time
  • Programs that are designed so our students meet their individual potential
  • A family approach where both students and parents are supported to reach their goals
  • Catholic faith and leadership
  • State-of-the-art purpose-built facilities and resources
  • Innovation and technology that assists all students to get the best high school experience
  • Opportunities to explore with our Creative Arts, life skills, outdoors and co-curricular activities.

Our Year Groups

Exceptional quality teacher and aide. Academic and speech has improved. Love access to music drama dance speech and OT. Love the inclusive community of the older students.”