Steve Davies – Head of Therapy / Speech Pathologist
Steve joined the St Lucy’s team in January 2018. He started his professional journey working with people with disabilities in 2003, working in a group home for adults on the autism spectrum while completing his Masters of Speech and Language Pathology at Macquarie University. From there, he moved into a school-based Speech Pathology role for a few years, before moving into roles where he assisted people in situations involving challenging behaviour (and related communication difficulties) aged between around 8 years to nearly 80. Steve has worked with people who have a range of disabilities, although his most extensive experience is with people on the autism spectrum.

Steve has a strong passion for helping people overcome the barriers which stop them from living the best possible life they can, and loves having a job which allows him to have a direct impact on this by helping to improve communication.

Allanah Riches – Occupational Therapist
Allanah joined St Lucy’s in August 2018. She is an enthusiastic Occupational Therapist with a drive to support achievement of learning and developmental goals for every child. Allanah has transitioned from a private paediatric clinic where she worked closely alongside children, their families and teachers to support meaningful intervention. Allanah also has past experience working within the Occupational Rehabilitation industry, providing a comprehensive range of rehabilitation and injury management, as well as injury prevention services. Moving forward, Allanah now strives to provide motivating and positive therapy outcomes for students, teachers and their classrooms at St Lucy’s!

Elle Auert – Speech pathologist
Elle joined the team at St Lucy’s at the start of term four 2018. Elle has worked with children and adults with a range of backgrounds and abilities both in private practice & in multidisciplinary teams. She has a passion for working with children of all ages, with a particular interest in early intervention and disability. Elle enjoys the dynamic nature of speech pathology and finds it very rewarding to see children making progress. Elle has a strong dedication to the profession and continues professional development by keeping up to date with research, attending workshops and liaising with other experts in the field. She has had her own work published in the International Journal of Speech-Language Pathology.

At St Lucy’s Elle brings her knowledge and skills to help support staff and students to access the curriculum using a range of communication methods tailored to each student. With her positive attitude and caring nature she facilitates a supportive and fun environment for learning.

Raquel Noguez – Psychologist
Raquel is a registered psychologist who joined St Lucy’s in February 2018. She completed her Masters in Clinical Psychology and is currently completing the Clinical Psychology Registrar program in order to gain clinical endorsement.

Raquel has over 10 years’ experience working with children and families with a range of emotional, behavioural and psychological needs. She has extensive skills and understanding in the training and education of parents, carers, in evidence-based positive behaviour support programs, attachment programs, and emotional-regulation. Some of the roles that she has held include: allied health group facilitator, family and youth counsellor, family support worker, parenting groups facilitator, perinatal mental health support worker, child and adolescent psychologist, disabilities support worker, and youth correctional counsellor. These years of work and her personal experience have enabled her to see first-hand the difference it can make to have someone supporting you through difficult times.

Raquel is particularly interested in working from an attachment-based perspective and is dedicated to being a stable base from which her others are empowered to see and know their strengths, learn to use better emotional regulation skills, expand their resilience and find meaning and direction.

Heidi Zubaidi – Therapy Aide
Heidi joined the St Lucy’s team in October 2018. She possesses a strong scientific mind, and has spent time working in medical laboratories, but found the machines in the lab were not satisfying her social spirit and desire to help others. In her quest to find a role with the right mix of science and warm human interaction, she has done work with ABA therapists and psychologists helping people with disabilities to achieve their goals. She has worked extensively with adults and children with disabilities in day programmes, family home and schools, and has discovered that she has a particular passion for helping break down barriers to success within the school environment, which has led her to St Lucy’s.

Heidi brings care, love, and innovative solutions to her work with the students at St Lucy’s to help them to form lasting positive memories with their peers and staff at school.