Alessandra Picone is the Head of Creative Arts and a Drama Specialist. She coordinates the Creative Arts and Projects and is the Artistic Director of the Theatre and Dance Projects. Ali is currently on maternity leave and will be returning in term 3 2017.

Lucy Egger  is Acting Creative Arts Co-Ordinator and brings much experience in the Arts to the role and she has previously worked at St Lucy’s as a Theatre Project Director and Dance Teacher. Lucy will work on Mondays and Tuesdays. Please get in touch with Lucy regarding Creative Arts, including After School Projects. Simon works part time and can be contacted at

Simon Freestone is a Drama Specialist and Theatre Project Director. Simon works part time and can be contacted at

Mandy Liddell is a Dance Specialist and Dance Project Director/Choreographer. Mandy works part time and can be contacted at

Marcela Ordonez is a Visual Arts Specialist. Marci is a Sydney based Artist who has been involved in many wonderful exhibitions and projects as an artist and has experience delivering Art workshops to people of all abilities from preschool age to university level. Marci works part-time and can be contacted at

Megan Cronin is a Music Specialist and Head of Music Ensembles. Megan works part time and can be contacted at