St Lucy’s Building Project

For any questions or comments about the building works please call Morabito Constructions Ph: 9894 2344
For enquiries regarding the Principal Certifying Authority (PCA)  Ph: 4322 7035

St Lucy’s drop off/pick up
St Lucy’s School has introduced a new Traffic Warden position to monitor student drop off and pick-up to ensure minimal disruption to the local community.
If you wish to discuss school drop off/pick up, please contact St Lucy’s on 9487 1277.

Project progress

Next two weeks scheduled works:
1. Complete wall framing to ground floor
2. Commence wall framing to First floor.
3. Complete perimeter scaffold erection.
4. Commence roof sheeting.
5. Complete blockwork to lift shaft including core filled.
6. Commence external brick construction to ground floor.
7. Commence and continue service rough ins.
8. Complete concrete slabs to base of stair 1 and 2.
9. Commence stair construction from basement moving vertically.
10. Continue basement storm water drainage

Following two weeks scheduled works:
1. Continue wall framing to First floor.
2. Continue roof sheeting.
3. Continue brickwork.
4. Continue services rough-ins.