St Lucy’s School is an independent Catholic Special School which is part of the Mission of Dominican Education Australia (DEA). The School has a Board which sets strategic policy and appoints the Principal who has delegated authority to lead and manage the School.  St Lucy’s provides for students with a wide range of disabilities that include cognitive impairment, autism and/or language disability.

The Board of Directors has a strong commitment to preserving and fostering the Dominican ethos and values upon which the sound was founded, and to promoting the Mission of the School as a Catholic School.

The Board is assisted in its work by a number of Committees which meet regularly.  The Principal of the School is the person to whom the Board delegates responsibility for the day to day management of the School and its enterprises.

Board Members

Ms Kathleen (Kitty) Guerin – Chair
Sr Rosemary Lewins
Mr Jim Verco
Mr Paul Reid
Mrs Danielle Funston
Mr Andrew Biddle
Mr Zachariah Duke

2017 Annual Report – St Lucy’s 2017 Annual Report
2018 Annual Report – St Lucy’s 2018 Annual Report