St Lucy’s students create exhibitions of canvas work which are all collaborative pieces based on themes and ideas that develop in the Art Studio. Some pieces visit spaces outside of the school including Ensemble Theatre and St Ives Village as well as Chifley Square and many more! Proceeds from collaborative canvas works which are sold, go to the Creative Arts Scholarship Program which provides extension artistic opportunities for St Lucy’s students. To purchase an item, please contact

Portraiture Exhibition


Natural Phenomenon Exhibition

Elisa and Martin Manrique Exhibition

The Elisa and Martin Manrique Art Exhibition is a collection of Artworks created by two St Lucy’s students and siblings. Both students had a diagnosis of Autism and used limited verbal language. Elisa and Martin expressed themselves to their parents, teachers and peers through prolific art making and, through this medium, communicated their ideas, interests and indeed their personalities. Eli and Martin’s abilities were nurtured by the school and in particular the Creative Arts Department. Their creations were praised and revered by the whole school community. Eli and Martin passed away under tragic circumstances in October 2016.

The Elisa and Martin Manrique Exhibition is also a tribute to their mother, Maria Lutz.
Maria was a tireless advocate for her children and in particular for their ability in the Arts.