Meet the Artists in the St Lucy’s Creative Arts Team

CA TEAM 2018









(Left to right)

Catherine McGraffin  is a Dance and Drama Specialist

Lucy Egger  is a Drama and Music Specialist and  Acting Creative Arts Co-Ordinator. Please get in touch with Lucy regarding Creative Arts, including After School Projects at

Julius Szacavay is a  a Dance Specialist

Simon Freestone is a Drama Specialist and Theatre Project Director

Mandy Liddell is a Dance Specialist

Alessandra Picone is the Head of Creative Arts and a Drama Specialist. She coordinates the Creative Arts Team and specialist projects and is Artistic Director of the Theatre and Dance Projects.

Shancel Leacy is a Music Specialist

Marcela Ordonez is a Visual Arts Specialist.

Brendan Chacon is a Theatre Project Assistant Director and Creative Arts Support Person