Dance provides an opportunity for students to gain fulfilment from self-expression and the support of their dance partners and peers. Dance sessions are designed to encourage students to make connections in a non-confrontational and dynamic environment where, through exploration of dance and movement, students can express their feelings about particular ideas and themes. Dance offers students the opportunity to: hone physical technical skills, expand their imagination and knowledge base, develop dance technique skill set for performance and to gain an appreciation for the Performing Arts. The Dance Studio is intended to be a place of enjoyment, flexibility and collaboration.


Drama provides an opportunity for students to make connections with adults and peers through ‘play’ and storytelling. Students are encouraged to relate their understanding of the world and their feeling about particular ideas, situations, expectations and values. Drama offers students the opportunity to: hone social skills, expand their imagination and knowledge base, develop a skill set for performance including theatrical skills in mask, puppeteering and charcaterisation. Drama sessions are intended to be a time of enjoyment, flexibility and collaboration and a place to gain an appreciation for the Performing Arts.


Music pervades contemporary society and plays an important part in everyday life. At an individual level, music is a medium of personal expression, enabling people to share ideas, feelings and experiences. All people should have the opportunity to develop their individual abilities and aesthetic potential through responding to, performing and creating music.

As an art form, music is a medium through which the relationship among feelings, the intellect and imagination can be expressed. The processes of educating children in music are also significant because these can contribute to the total development of the child.  St Lucy’s draws on the Orff Schulwerk philosophy which emphasizes the connections between music and language and uses movement, play, exploration and improvisation as building blocks for learning musical concepts.

Visual Arts

Visual Arts provides our students with an opportunity to develop and extend their skills and talent for Art making both as an individual and through collaboration with their peers. Through investigations of subject matter and form, the students are encouraged to develop technique, to hone their art making language and to realise that a visual expression of their ideas and opinions is something to be rewarded and embraced. Much of the Art making experience happens in small groups where an emphasis is placed on shared experience and mutual respect. Social skills are also honed through the making process and the students are invited to explore a rich and diverse range of media including sculpture – both with clay and mixed materials, paint, water colour, drawing, photography and more.