Scholarship Program aims to provide students with an opportunity for a deeper connection to the arts and their own ability to express themselves through an artistic language

Scholarship Program

Since 2008 St Lucy’s Creative Arts Department have offered Creative Arts Scholarships to students with particular creative abilities, talents or for students with specific goals in mind.

Scholarships are awarded to students for 2 general reasons: Because they have a particular talent or interest in perusing the art form and can gain extended technical skills from Scholarship sessions and, for students who may have an IEP goal that can be met through the format of a scholarship eg, making a friend, learning to collaborate. Nominations are made by the Artists in Residence, Teachers and sometimes parents. Scholarship sessions are run by our Artists in Residence and a range of other Sydney based Artists that work at St Lucy’s purely for our Scholarships Program. Students have had Scholarships in the following Art Forms:-

Visual Art
Film Making

Talent Ensembles Program

The Talent Ensembles Program provides students with opportunities to be in a Choir, Band or Music Ensembles. These Ensembles meet weekly and focus on making music together en prepapring for performance opportunities including The Annual Ball, Parliamentary Lunch, St Dominic’s Day, Carols by Candlelight and many more invitation are given to them. Students are selected for the Talent Ensemble based on their interest in performance and collaboration.

During Cochlear scholarship sessions Massimo had opportunities to access musical experiences at a pace and level which was appropriate for him. He explored sounds made by a variety of musical instruments at his own pace and made musical choices – particularly requesting instruments which allowed him to experience sound through vibration.