Eligibility Criteria

The criterion for eligibility at St Lucy’s is for students to be of school age (Kindergarten to Year 6) and to satisfy at least one of the following categories of disability; Intellectual Disability, Language Disability, Autism. Being a Catholic School in the Dominican tradition, St Lucy’s embraces students of all faiths.

Enrolment is at the discretion of the Principal who will take into consideration the school’s capacity to educate the student without unjustifiable hardship to the other students or the school. The decision to enrol a student will involve consideration of the following:

  1. The availability of class placement which is based on student numbers and their level of educational need
  2. The suitability of school programs and resources as well a teacher resource/specialist support
  3. The provision of comprehensive information re the student’s eligibility for enrolment
  4. The parents’ full disclosure of the student’s support needs including those required to support behaviour and other specific requirements/adjustments.
  5. Proof that the student meets the enrolment criteria

Please review the full Eligibility Criteria here.

If you are considering enrolment for your child:

  • Contact the School Registrar at enrolments@stlucys.nsw.edu.au or by phone
  • Attend the Open Day or arrange a visit and tour of the school
  • Complete an application form and submit by 31st May
  • Bring your child to an observation session at St Lucy’s
  • Meet with the Principal

Places are offered by the end of July, parents wishing to accept an offered place pay a non-refundable deposit.


Bursaries are available for families who require financial assistance.