If you believe that special education should be dynamic and meaningful,
please give to St Lucy’s School so that we can purchase a school minibus, and our students can take learning into the world

Dear Friend,
After the success of our first mini bus, St Lucy’s wants to make it possible for ALL of our students to have access to mini bus transport so that they can practise life skills, become connected to their community and apply what they are learning in the classroom to real world settings. 


Thank you for your generosity

The benefits from access to the community are limitless for our students.
“It has made an enormous impact on the Year 5/6 students, in their independence, confidence and their overall engagement in their curriculum”.
Susan Jones, Deputy Principal

The minibus has also made a big impact on delivering and assessing the Life Skills Curriculum as students have honed shopping, money and even public transport skills.
“We could not manage a number of these things without the mini bus. Even when some students catch the train, we have the mini-bus nearby so that we can support students who are having a difficult time. This protects their dignity in the community because, as they are learning to use public transport, they can feel very overwhelmed.
Caroline Abendanon Year 5/6 Teacher

Your tax deductible donation today will provide St Lucy’s with a
school minibus that St Lucy’s students can access for daily or weekly excursions, to put their classroom learning into practise!

I am sure you will agree that students with disabilities need an education that is relevant and engaging.
At St Lucy’s, we want our students to have access to facilities, equipment and programs which will allow them to realise their potential and prepare them for a life of meaning and purpose. 

We have seen exceptional results from the programs which have taken our students into the community this year. With your support we can extend these opportunities to all of our students, and make community access a part of every student’s education.

On behalf of St Lucy’s, I wish you many blessings and a memorable Christmas with your loved ones.

David Raphael,


Thank you for your generosity

If you have any queries or wish to donate by phone, please call the Community Fundraising Office 02 9487 1277