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Without a history of extraordinary giving, St Lucy’s would not have the quality of teaching and learning that our students experience today. Your gift contributes to the school’s mission to empower students with the values, knowledge, attitudes and skills to flourish and participate fully in society. I invite you to read Harvey’s story, featured below. Your generosity directly reaches our students and will help to build inspirational and inclusive learning spaces as we move towards K-12 by 2024.

David Raphael, Principal

In 2018, when Harvey was about to start Year 6, his parents Eddy and Allison moved him to a new school and then, they moved him back to St Lucy’s School, a school for children with intellectual disabilities…

“Harvey started Kindy at St Lucy’s in 2011 and we were so delighted with the whole school community”, says mum Allison

“His teachers all knew him so well and being a part of a spiritual community is very important for our family. We want Harvey to know God and to know that he is loved just as he is”.

Harvey has complex medical needs. He has had 3 liver transplants in his short life. However, Harvey’s educational journey at St Lucy’s was full of delight, learning and growing.
For many parents, the start of Year 6 means the beginning of the often painstaking journey of finding a new school that is ideal for a special child.

Allison and Eddy had begun thinking about Harvey’s high school options. When they were able to get a place at a school at which he could continue into high school, they had to take it in case they missed their chance for Year 7.

“We cried when Harvey left St Lucy’s. We have such a strong connection with the school, the staff and the values. We worried about how Harvey would cope but we had to take the leap” says Eddy.

Harvey settled in to his new school well and then, after 2 terms, Eddy and Allison heard St Lucy’s big announcement: After 80 years as a primary school for children with disabilities, St Lucy’s is moving towards being a K-12 school, starting with Year 7 in 2019, with a view to being K-12 in 2024.

“We were delighted with his new teacher but we felt we had lost a wealth of community and when St Lucy’s made the K-12 announcement, we were just over the moon” says Allison.

In Term 3, Harvey returned to St Lucy’s School and it was as though no time had passed.

“I know that he is excited about getting on the school bus – he smiles when he sees his uniform and feels happy and safe when he is at school” says Allison.

For Allison and Eddy, the K-12 announcement meant that they were able to return to a community that has a wealth of knowledge about their child, his educational journey and their family. The staff love Harvey for who he is and the team of teachers, therapists, psychologists and specialists work together to provide a rich and robust education that is tailored to Harvey. “We wanted this for his entire education and now we have it” says Allison.   

Other families have also celebrated St Lucy’s move to K-12 Education. The school is receiving expressions of interest from current students wanting to continue and from past students who were in a similar situation to Harvey. For the families who can now go through St Lucy’s K-12, a huge weight has lifted.

“When you make a commitment to a community, and they make a commitment to your child, that becomes your child’s whole life. We are excited about Harvey’s next chapter at St Lucy’s”.

Allison & Eddy

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