A bequest is a gift specified in your will which provides a way for you to make an enduring gift while still enjoying your assets during your lifetime. Remembering St Lucy’s in your Will is the ultimate gift; a very tangible and meaningful way of contributing towards the legacy and security of the school which will benefit St Lucy’s children for decades to come. Bequests of all sizes are treasured and will make a positive difference.

Your bequest is a very personal decision and naturally you will want to meet the needs of your family first. We recommend that you involve your family in your decision and that you seek the advice of your solicitor. Making a bequest does not always entail re-writing your will. A simple codicil provides an easy option for this special gift.

How do I make a bequest?

Your bequest is a very personal decision and there are a number of ways you can make this valuable contribution to St Lucy’s:

  • By bequeathing a specific sum of money, entirely of your choice, which may be a fixed amount or a percentage of your estate.
  • By bequeathing non-cash assets such as property, paintings, shares, etc.

Bequests are generally of two types:

  1. Unrestricted: An unrestricted bequest leads to your gift being allocated at the Principal’s discretion to where it is needed most at the time of receipt.
  2. Restricted: If you have a particular passion, perhaps for a Bursary, funding extra therapy services or innovative technology, upgrading facilities or enhancing specific academic programs, you may wish to consider a restricted bequest directed to that particular purpose.

A simple codicil provides an easy option for this special gift.

You might like to consider the following wording:

“ I give to St Lucy’s School,Wahroonga [description of bequest] and I direct that the receipt of the Principal or the Chair of the Board shall be sufficient discharge to my Executor for this bequest”.

Do I have to tell St Lucy’s that I have made a bequest?

No, but we would love the opportunity to be able to thank you.

Doing so does not imply a legal commitment of any kind. You will be under no obligation whatsoever to follow a particular course of action, nor will this limit your freedom to change your Will in the future. Please be assured your bequest notification will always be treated with respect and confidentiality.

The Arbor Vitae Fellowship was established to acknowledge and honour in their lifetime, those who have philanthropically made a bequest to St Lucy’s. Please contact the Development Office  if you have or would like to leave a bequest, so that we can thank you. You will automatically become a member of the Arbor Vitae Fellowship established to acknowledge those who have made this commitment. This is an honorary membership in recognition of your generosity and commitment to the future of St Lucy’s.Bequests have played a significant part in the School’s development. Owing to the generosity of past benefactors, funds have been given towards the construction of key facilities and to assist with ensuring that St Lucy’s continues to provide the best possible learning experiences.

Should you wish to have a confidential discussion or receive information about leaving a gift to the School, please email bequests@stlucys.nsw.edu.au. Alternatively, please contact the Community Fundraising Manager, by phone (02) 83553154 to discuss how your bequest can benefit future generations of children at St Lucy’s. Potential benefactors can be assured all communication with the School regarding bequests will be strictly confidential.