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St Lucy’s Volunteer (18 years and over)

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Being a Volunteer at St Lucy’s School

St Lucy’s is fortunate in being supported by a large number of volunteers who are recruited from the community. The volunteers provide invaluable support for St Lucy’s programs by giving generously of their free time. Volunteers are as integral to the St Lucy’s community as the students, staff and parents.

St Lucy’s volunteers are like family and without them we couldn’t achieve what we do. Our volunteers receive ongoing training and support to ensure their experience is a rewarding one.

To become a volunteer you will need a current working with children check (18yrs and over).  This is free for all volunteers the link is  Please complete the respective Volunteer Information Form and forward to  We will contact you as soon as a suitable position becomes available.

My experience in your atmosphere inspired me to learn sign American Sign Language. I have been working persistently on it for a few weeks now and have already touched the lives of many. In addition, this experience sparked a real passion in working with children with disabilities. I have gotten heavily involved with my local Paralympics program. 

Furthermore, this experience has in-fact altered my entire career path. Prior to traveling to Australia, I had completed my first year of nursing school and knew that it might not be the path for me. However, I had intentions of sticking with it. In contrast, I have recently decided to become an elementary educator. St.Lucy’s showed me how much of an impact one teacher can have on a students life. I hope to inspire, provide hope, teach and encourage young minds just as you demonstrated. – Ellen Laurenz

Volunteering for our Reading Tutor Program

At St Lucy’s School we run a structured Intensive Reading Program using methods and resources from Macquarie MULTILIT Program, combined with our own succesful techniques to become a successful reader.

Our Reading Program is held three mornings a week. Students receive an aggressive one on one reading session, that focus on sight words and word attack skills, reinforced reading process, focusing on the skills necessary for reading.

This program is supervised by an experienced Classroom Teacher and implemented with the help of volunteers from our local community, friends and family of our students.

The volunteers are well trained as part of their induction into the reading program. They also receive ongoing training, that is generated directly from the needs of the students, the results we see and the skills required to work closely and intensely with our students in their learning process.

Our students learn in a very different and varied style. To tutor our students one on one, you would need to be enthusiastic about learning and be patient. We ask you to be committed to your time slot – our volunteers give 1.5 hours a week – from 9.30-11.00am on either a Monday, Tuesday or Thursday.

The volunteer reading tutor program has become a big part of our school community. It has now been running for seven years, continually generating incredible results and gains in student skill and learning. It is also a wonderful community to be a part of, our volunteers support and share ideas and knowledge with one another, and this not only assists our students, but adds a meaningful dimension to their own lives in giving each week.

“When I retired from mainstream teaching after thirty odd years I was looking to do some volunteer work with children. An advertisement appeared in our local newspaper for people to help the students at St Lucy’s so I applied and had some training. Having done some specialist reading tutoring I opted for the Multi-lit program. For months I thought I was a total failure as I couldn’t achieve the progress I previously had with mainstream students or develop the same rapport. 

Eventually however I began to relax and enjoy the naivity of these special students. The skills and progress they achieve are celebrated by their caring teachers who bring great optimism and enthusiasm with them each day. The tone set by Lisa Grimmond as she calmly manages both students and volunteer alike is admirable and results in an atmosphere of shared co-operation and good will. I look forward now to Tuesday mornings and my interaction with everyone I encounter at St Lucy’s. Thank you for the opportunity to be part of such a worthwhile learning environment.” – Joan Hayllar

Volunteering for the Mathematics with Meaning Program

St Lucy’s dynamic and innovative Mathematics with Meaning Program was established in 2015. It was developed and implemented into the St Lucy’s school community, as a result of seeing the successful development of skills that stemmed from our Reading Tutor Program, as well as seeing the perceived need for a new and creative way to assist with teaching our students mathematics in a meaningful way.

To develop skills in the area of mathematics, our students require explicit and direct instruction. Providing this in a one to one learning session, assists in the individual tailoring of a program that suits the needs of each student including the development and monitoring of these new Mathematics skills.

The Mathematics with Meaning program, lives up to its name, teaching the students the Mathematics skills needed to be numerate, in context of how they will use them. They use money to count in multiples; they use measuring devices, bus numbers, clocks and street addresses to learn about number in their environment. They apply all number to a context in which it can be used.

This program is facilitated by a Classroom teacher, who trains a team of volunteers to administer the programs written for each student. The volunteers are trained at their induction and are ongoing trained based on the skills and strategies required for each program being delivered.

Mathematics with Meaning Volunteers assist with the program for 1.5 hours a week, from 11.30am -1pm, Monday, Tuesday or Thursday.

Volunteers would need to love the processes involved in learning; enjoy applying what we automatically know about number to a real life context for our students; and be patient, flexible and open to the students’ learning needs.

These sessions are fun, dynamic and very hands on. The students love them and so do our volunteers!

“I have found volunteering at St. Lucy’s over the past five years to be inspirational and an absolute tonic for the spirit.  The environment is one of caring and the overall dedication of the staff and other volunteers exceptional.  It has been wonderful to watch and be even a small part of the development of the children’s reading skills in the Multilit programme and that in itself provides an inner sense of well being.” – Lindy Perks

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