Pastoral Care is implicit in the Gospel and Dominican values which guide and direct the life of St Lucy’s School. This applies not only to the students and families, but also to the extended families and staff who are connected with St Lucy’s.

The whole staff of St Lucy’s gives emphasis to the pastoral care of students in every aspect of the school day. This includes:

  • being attentive to the emotional as well as physical well-being of students
  • modelling the Christian ethos
  • ongoing communication with families regarding progress and challenges of students
  • encouragement of mutual support via class parent networking
  • creation of a sub-committee dedicated to investigating respite options for families
  • sub-committee for providing support for siblings of special needs children
  • involvement of specialist staff including school psychologist and therapy team

St Lucy’s employs a Pastoral Care worker to provide ongoing spiritual, emotional and practical support to families and staff. This includes:

  • facilitating a support group for discussion and companionship
  • assisting in identifying and accessing support services outside the school
  • supporting families in times of crisis via meetings, phone calls, emails and attendance in times of grief
  • coordination of provision of meals to families in times of difficulty
  • planning and coordinating an annual Parents & Carers’ Retreat with child supervision
  • planning and coordinating an annual morning tea and school orientation morning for grandparents
  • representing the school at special religious ceremonies
  • in partnership with the Educational Support Services team, the facilitation of free information evenings on a range of topics relevant to the needs of the children and families of St Lucy’s
  • availability to staff for individual or group pastoral support.

Other Support Services include

  • Helen Merrin, School Chaplain, provides spiritual and pastoral care to students, families and staff
  • St Lucy’s registrar provides ongoing support to parents in a range of practical areas such as:
    • referrals for respite care services
    • parent social evening where care is provided for students and their siblings
    • Sibling Day
    • Triple P – Positive Parenting Program offering solutions to common parenting problems
    • information sessions on current issues in disability
    • functions for grandparents
    • other social events