St Lucy’s is a registered school with the Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards (BOSTES). Students at St Lucy’s undertake a breadth of learning across the Curriculum in the Key Learning Areas of English, Mathematics, Creative and Practical Arts, Human Society and Its Environment, Personal Development, Health and Physical Education, and Science and Technology.

We believe that students learn best by doing and utilise a range of teaching methods to motivate and engage students in their learning.

Spirituality is encompassed in all that we do at St Lucy’s. In our coming together as a community to pray, celebrate and sing, through in-class learning and our Sacramental Program.

Creative Arts is a central part of the St Lucy’s curriculum and is delivered by our Specialist Team of Artists. The focus of Creative Arts is in students experiencing new ways of expressing their ideas, while building their technical skills in order to communicate what they are learning, what they think and wonder.

Specialist staff at St Lucy’s deliver Drama, Dance, Music, Visual Arts and Physical Education.

It is through our wholistic approach to education that students find and develop their individual interests, passions and gifts and acquire essential skills and knowledge for life. We also deliver enrichment opportunities in Literacy and Numeracy and the Arts through Additional Programs.

We work collaboratively with families including bi-annual meetings to develop individual goals for students which form the priority for their learning. Progress on these goals is monitored through careful and detailed assessment and is reported twice yearly in school reports.

Student’s progress over the course of their time at St Lucy’s is tracked using a range of school developed and diagnostic assessments and is recorded in a digital format.