Mathematics with Meaning

St Lucy’s dynamic and innovative Mathematics with Meaning Program was established in 2015. It was developed and implemented  as a result of seeing the successful development of skills that stemmed from our Reading Tutor Program, as well as the perceived need for a new and creative way to assist with teaching our students Mathematics in a meaningful way.

To develop skills in the area of Mathematics, our students require explicit and direct instruction. Providing this in a one to one learning session, assists in the individual tailoring of a program that suits the needs of each student and in the development and monitoring of these new Mathematics skills.

The Mathematics with Meaning program lives up to its name sake, that is teaching the students the Mathematics skills needed to be numerate in context of how they will use them. For example they use money to count in multiples; measuring devices, bus numbers, clocks and street addresses to learn about number in their environment and count using highly motivating and meaningful resources.