The Therapy Team at St Lucy’s is committed to excellence in service provision and a continuous improvement approach based on a foundation of the best available evidence. Our main purpose is to help our students overcome barriers to accessing the curriculum. We are also passionate about equipping our students with the skills they will need to have the best possible success in life now and into the future. Towards this end, we offer Speech Pathology, Occupational Therapy, Psychology, and Positive Behaviour Support services within the school, and we also run a calendar of workshops available to the St Lucy’s community.

The services provided do not aim to replace therapists who are working at home or in a clinic. Our focus is on facilitating success at school, and we do most of our work alongside teaching staff to work with students as part of their normal school day, rather than taking students out of their class activities to build skills. We recognise the importance of consistency across settings, and with appropriate consent from our students’ families, we are keen to collaborate with other therapists who are working with our students to ensure everyone is on the same page.