At St Lucy’s, we assist students to engage to the best of their ability in everyday school-related activities. We focus on creating supports in the school environment and work particularly on skill acquisition and development.   We look at consolidating skills that will prepare our learners for life, by creating opportunities at school to promote skill development and autonomy.

Goal areas include:

  • Adequate seating and positioning
  • Modification and/or adaptation to school tasks and routines to make participation easier This may include the use of assistive technology
  • Consolidation of fine motor skills to enable skills such as handwriting and typing
  • Gross motor skill development
  • Developing skills of initiation, organisation and planning
  • Activities of daily living, such as toileting and dressing
  • Community Access (e.g. money discrimination, planning a trip using public transport, writing a shopping list etc.)

We tailor our approach to the individual needs and developmental levels of our students. For example, we might use the Handwriting Without Tears Program with our younger students to develop motor skills necessary for writing. For some older students, we may focus on typing as a more appropriate way for that person to access literacy.