St Lucy’s has a Positive Behaviour Support Team, led by the Head of Therapy, and with membership from a range of staff across the school (ie. Psychologist, executive, teaching and teacher’s aide). This team takes a tiered approach to addressing behaviours of concern. Tier 1 is for all students, tier 2 for some students, and tier 3 for those who need specific support around behaviour:

Tier 1: Setting up a safe, supportive environment and caring relationships to enhance the quality of our students’ school experience at St Lucy’s. In this context, there is a greatly reduced need for students to use challenging behaviour to have their needs met.

Tier 2: Interventions aimed at building specific skills for groups of students who have a particular need for those skills to increase their success at school. For example, if a number of students have difficulty knowing how to play on the playground, they may be supported in a small group to learn some playground games and skills in how to initiate play with others.

Tier 3: Specific analysis of the behaviours of concern, with an aim of determining why the behaviour is occurring from the student’s perspective. Once we know why the behaviour is occurring, we can develop and implement a multi-element behaviour support plan to facilitate long-lasting positive behaviour change and quality of life improvement.