Team approach

A Positive Behaviour Support team provides leadership within the school to develop, implement, and monitor PBS strategies.

Ongoing support for staff and families

Staff are provided with regular training to enhance their knowledge of PBS. Training is also offered to families and volunteers on a fee for service basis. Staff are trained annually in the use of Non-violent Crisis Intervention (NVCI).


Incidences of challenging behaviour are monitored through Incident Reports and Repeat Behaviour forms which are signed by the Deputy Principal.

Tier 1 School- wide interventions, including classroom environment strategies, positively worded school rules and expectations, and positive communication and interaction style of staff.
Tier 2 Individual, tailored interventions, based on a functional analysis of behaviour
Tier 3 Coordinated, cross- environment positive behaviour support for students exhibiting severe risk of harm behaviours to self or others (as evidenced by incident reports)

Tier 1

All staff are responsible for implementing Tier 1 interventions.

The school has three Tier 1 checklists which are completed at the start of each year, and reviewed each term. The checklists refer to:


  • Classroom environment
  • Communication and interaction
  • Whole school checklist


Tier 2

  • Tier 2 positive behaviour support plans are developed by the class teacher and reviewed twice per year in conjunction with IEP’s.
  • A template is provided which provides an antecedent-behaviour-consequence functional analysis of behaviour.
  • Plans are reviewed by the Head of Therapy services and signed by the Principal and parents.
  • Teachers needing support with completing plans may consult with the Positive Behaviour Support team.

Tier 3

  • Students exhibiting severe and/or frequent challenging behaviour, particularly when there is severe risk of harm to themselves or others, are referred for Tier 3 intervention. They may also be identified through incident reports.
  • A tier 3 referral form is completed by the class teacher, and given to the PBS team to review.
  • Tier 3 positive behaviour support plans are developed by the Head, Educational Support Services during ongoing consultation with a student’s teaching staff and parents.
  • Thorough assessment is completed including interviews, observations and data collection.