At St Lucy’s, we use a Total Communication approach, meaning we support any and all modes of communication including:

  • Speech
  • High tech communication aids
  • Key Word Signing
  • Low tech visual supports and communication systems
  • Functional use of gesture, facial expression, eye gaze and body language

St Lucy’s Speech Pathologists are passionate about embedding communication learning opportunities into everyday routines across settings. We aim to equip students with effective multi-modal communication now and into the future, with an important focus being on full participation in the many facets of the school experience.

All students at St Lucy’s have speech pathology support via a whole school approach, including:

  • Video modelling to assist learning of vocabulary using whatever modes of communication are available to the student
  • Augmentation of songs during daily whole school song groups
  • Topic boards to assist staff and students to learn and use the vocabulary required in a range of situations across the school (eg. At the swings, in the toilets, in the classroom, etc)

Early Stage 1 and Stage 1 classes, and referred students from older stages, have speech pathology support in class in addition to the whole school supports, assisting to find ways to overcome communication barriers to learning.